Im looking at mesas cuz thyre supposed to be very very good. They dont really fit inta my price range EXCEPT the single rectifier 50. Is this a good amp? Considering the fact that i can get a marshall with 3 channels and reverb for same money im not sure if the mesa is good for me. Volume is not a problem, im a teenage musician just getting into the giging thing. I want a nice amp to last...... I play hardrock, jazz, modern stuff. No deathmetal or brit.
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Stop with the genre thing.

TS, I would look into Marshall DSL/TSLs. Theyre less expensive, easier, and they fit your tastes better.
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Stop with the genre thing.

TS, I would look into Marshall DSL/TSLs. Theyre less expensive, easier, and they fit your tastes better.

I don't know...hard rock and "modern stuff" whatever this may be..

Mesa's do Hard Rock VERY well IMO, one of, if not the best ones that do. All depending on taste though, you should try one out if you can. I know my Guitar Center has Mesa's and that's where I got mine after trying, I love the Mesa tone, but you might not. A DSL might fit your needs better.

/death metal ftw

Also, here you go mate

Not buttsecks, THIS IS BETTER!
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I've never tried to get a jazz tone out of my single. Not saying it can't, either way I think you can get a LOT of tones out of a Mesa, it's just it will take a while to get a hold of the EQ.

I do agree go try it, but still he's just wanting to know if it's worth a persuit. If the only good idea was go try it, then the forums wouldn't exist

Like saying, I want to play melt your face death metal, would a twin reverb be a good amp??? I know, I know, but still kind of same concept.
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What's your budget, the Orange AD series might work. An AD30htc can get some good hard rock tones contrary to belief. The cleans are also a thing of beauty.
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look, i play modern rock and jazz. Is single rectifier still a good choice?

It'll be a good choice, but there are better amps and better Boogies for what you want it for.
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I wouldn't go Stiletto, personally. Those run off EL34s and are Marshall emulators. I'd recommend a Mark series or a Lone Star Special. Something with EL84s or 6L6s.
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(To the above two posters) If the Single is all he can afford...I dont think hell be able to pick up a Mark or Stiletto.

But anyways, the Single is a great amp, however I think you could get an amp more suited to what you want elsewhere
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