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some people like nirvana and some people dont who cares thats besides the question im not sure but but do they know for sure if kurt was mrderd or comitted suicide im not asking your opinion thanks for whatever u can give me
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I think it was obvious suicide. All the murder theories are just conspiracies - like people who claim Ozzy staged the death of Randy Rhoads. There's no logic to things like this...I think it just starts as a joke and gets blown out of proportion.
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he killed himself.

this thread is gonna get banzored
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#6 his death certificate it says suicide by a shotgun shot...but, then again it's a rather clouded case since the veredict for that call was sped up. could be either...i guess we'll never know.

...I personally think it's murder, but i like thinking it was kinda gives this unexplained escence to his death.
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I leaned towards murder because Courtney Love is a crazy bitch. Although I saw somewhere that the amount of heroin he injected would have killed him if the shotgun didn't.
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