Hey guys,

I'm new here and new to guitars. I recently got into an acoustic guitar class at school, and so far I've been borrowing a small classical Yamaha acoustic the school has... not exactly the most "interesting" thing to play on I guess.

So I'm wondering if you guys can recommend any good guitars to a guitar-newbie?
I was thinking about getting an Ibanez IJV50 but from what I've read they're "cheaper" guitars, and I want something that is quality in both structure and the sound it generates, I also want something that will last me a long time with no hard use. I don't want to get a "beginners" guitar only to grow out of after I become more used to guitars. I just want a normal guitar, nothing beginner and nothing advanced.

I want to get something that typically sells (when new) around $250 (and if I could find it used, all the better.)

Can you guys recommend any specific models meeting my criteria?

Thank you in advance,
u should probabley look around alot before actually buying anything if u dont no what style u like its a bad idea to just buy something expensive
Yeah, I seen that thread and I looked through most of it, but there were quite a few times people would say model numbers/names without the brand, which is pretty confusing to me with no guitar experience. I also don't know if any of the guitars mentioned in that thread are what I'm looking for (as what I'd call "normal" guitars, nothing beginner or advanced.)
i have like a 40 year old classical by ibanez....but it sucks....i can tell it sounded great in its day...but years did damage on it.....i would go for the ibanez....i have and electric by them to and its amazing!
but b4 you buy, look around ...i would go to a local guitar shop and play as many geetars as possible...open up the possibilitys
fender and ibanez acoustics are kinda subpar, those companies specialize in electrics

alvarez is solely an acoustic company and they are damn good at it
if youre worried about brand recognition alvarez is huge so that is a nonissue
For that price I recommend either the Yamaha FG700S or the FG720S
is it just me or do people like this show up almost everyday posting about what kind of guitar they should get? theres big stickys about these kind of things!! and if you don't see the sticky's then at least look at the noobs that were here before you and read their post. its the same thing, just in different words.
frustrating. so frustrating.
Sorry I hope my topic hasn't been responsible for any emotional wounds or suicides.

I ended up picking out a guitar anyhoo, the Alvarez RD20S. Special thank-you to all who helped me out!