Their website says they are bringing in new stock in 1 day. Hmm i can only dream of a Schecter flying v 7 string with lightning finish, wizard size neck and reverse headstock
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hmm interesting well i was about to buy a hellraiser so hopefully its 7 string and not fking purple or something!
just got a description from a guy who knows him..

The finish is a flat, transparent dark crimson with the wood grain showing through, with a maple neck with these kind of celtic looking black cross inlays. The headstock is a similar light wood color, of course with his signature engraved into the plastic piece that rests against the first fret. And, it comes stock with the active EMG 7-string pickups...can't remember what they're called. It's a beautiful guitar though, and he said they'll probably go for around $899,
Really, new schecters? I was gonna buy one soon, but let's see what's new coming out, and I just might wait.
ahh the loomis is $1299 rrp. ill be gettin a hellraiser if they dont do anything better
I personally love seven strings especially with a Floyd Rose. I find it very entertaining. My problem is I don't really like the way maple necks look but I LOVE how they feel...
i love the maple neck look on old rg's. the s series ibanez has a new 7 string..really cheap as well.
The Loomis looks pretty meh to me... The color of the neck doesn't match the body at all IMO. I'd much rather have a Hellraiser
i think the maple fretboard fits the satin cherry red finish greatly, especially with those black nevermore cross inlays. and i also love the fact that it is a seven string WITH a floyd rose.
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