i just want to feel secure
for once in my life
i'm always on the run
never have anytime to feel the sun
on my skin
i wanna know if i'm gonna get up and go
leave behind everyone i knew
is this only temporary
or is it a burden i'm gonna have to carry
i'm alone now more than ever
I haven't been around in forever
you changed who i am
now there's not much left of me
just give me your time
I want to tell you
I want to tell you

how could i forget about you
you were everything i wanted to be
but you couldn't see
see how things could have been
i've been wondering about how you've been
do you remember anything?
the times we laughed
the times we cried
all the secrets we tried to hide

what i think about you
tell you what you do
tell you how it affects me
i only just want you to see
your face in my eyes staring back at me
i wanna see your face light up one more time
but it's been such a long time
since i've seen your face alive
seen your glowing eyes

where do i go now
where do i follow and how
show me where i'm supposed to be
i just want to be free

there's no one like you up here
i'm all alone and you're nowhere near
nowhere to hear
to hear these songs i'm singing
and they're all about you
all about what you do, to me
you had me on my first impression
i made you my obsession
never want to leave your side
but now i'm gone and you can see
that it doesn't make a difference to you or me
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