i have a peavey 5150 head and i dont really have enough money for the cab. any other suggestions for a cab?
I play a Kustom Quad cab and its great for metal. Its got great low end, like ive never heard. You might have to look around for it cause they are just starting to sell it online. It has 4 Celestion speakers and it cranks out. Check it out man.
Why dont you get a 212 cab? Then you might be able to strech it and get some v30s. Your budget would be nice.
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If you really have close to no budget at all, check out some older Behringer cabs. The ones with the nicer Jenson speakers. I have a couple from about 4 years ago and they still crank. Great low end and a chunky mid.

The newer cabs arent nearly as great as the older ones, but for like what...$200 or less...you cant complain.
Stay away from Behringer like you would stay away from a chlamidya infested dirty pirate hooker. Seriously.
For cheap, a 2x12 should suit you perfectly. Try ebay for an unloaded second hand cab, or you can just build one.
Vintage 30's are good, but way overpriced. Check out some Weber or Lorantz speakers.
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Jump off the bandwagon. Their older guitar cabs pwn anything in the price range for a $200 4x12 cab.