Haha, I would buy it.
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Wow... just when I thought they couldn't put rock down any further.
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kinda weird but I'd drink it because I love energy drinks. Especially Rockstars. Mostly because of that Girls Gone Wild paid programming on Spike TV every night.
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Brad, you smell.

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brad you smell like my hairy left nut

I'd buy it. Liquid Experience is a pretty badass name. But it's sad watching greats who are dead like Hendrix sell out in the afterlife. He's probably rolling in his grave.
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if it makes me play like jimi i'll buy it... probably tastes like lighter fluid though
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I saw the other thread on this earlier and everyone was pissed off. I think it's retardedly funny.
Energy drinks stun your growth. I know a guy who drinks 4 of those Rockstars a day.
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Why is it so bad? A portion of the royallties is going to support music education. Any product doing that is ok in my books.
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Why is it so bad? A portion of the royallties is going to support music education. Any product doing that is ok in my books.

oh come on, it's gotta be about a billionth of a percent of their total profit, they're just saying that to look good, and for people to think: oh! they're supporting musicians, hey! i'm a musician, if i drink it, it'll make me hendrix.
Nice way to piss on ol' Jimi's grave.... poor guy. He would never have wanted a team of bloated businessmen pitching a product with his name plastered all over it in the name of advertising.