Im thinking of getting this amp with a schecter guitar with floyd rose when i get the money saved up i played a friends and i liked it a lot does anyone else have any opinions on it? i play a lot of metal and shred if that helps
i own this amp for myself and i like it, but if you play mostly metal and you want to spend about that price, i would get the line6 spider II combo amp
i use a line6 spider II head for my band and i like it a lot better than the behringer
anyone know if the 10" speakers get really load to play with drums and bass and vocals in a band or should i get the 12"
I own this amp and its the only 60watt amp with fx i know for the money
seems good distortion ....metal ect
2 x channels one clean one distortion
sounds good too even when its bursting your ear drums
I've got a V-TONE GM110. The clean channels are diabolical but it has very good distortion. I don't even need to use a pedal as I can get really good metal tones just from the amp.
For a 30 watt amp its very loud and handles it well considering its only a cheap amp.
The GMX210 is sort of its big brother so I'd imagine it would be able to cope well for small gigs.
Dave Mustain has wrote some of the most amazing solos...
That he can't actually play!
I got this Amp (GMX210) .. and I love it. I play Hardcore Rock style, and it handles it well. Has massive gain for its size too.
The inbuilt effects are great too, although it took me a while to get the distortion to just how I wanted it ... still working on a nice overdrive sound.
The only thing is ... who ever is playing Bass with you will need a good amp to keep up.

But this is just my opinion.