OK all you BOSS gurus....I NEED HELP!!!!!

I just got a Hughes and Kettner 20th anniversary tube amp and it sounds great. I am attempting to connect my BOSS GT-6 using the 4 cable method and have a stupid question.....when I connect everything up thru the effects loop of the amp, the volume controls on the amp don't work......

Anybody know why?

I've got....

Cable 1 - Guitar Out > GT-6 Input Jack.
Cable 2 - GT-6 FX Loop Send > Amp Input (yes, right up front).
Cable 3 - Amp FX Loop Send > GT-6 FX Loop Return.
Cable 4 - GT-6 Left(Mono) Output > Amp FX Loop Return.
Why don't you just connect the GT-6 straight to the amp's effects loop?
My Gear:
-Schecter C-1 Plus (Vintage Sunburst)
-B-52 AT-212 Tube Combo
-ZW-44 Zakk Wylde Overdrive
-Digitech RP350 Multi-Effects Pedal
-Hamer Slammer Strat Copy
maybe youve got them in the wrong position, it happens to me just mess around it should work... pedals shouldnt affect the amps volume
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Sounds like you've got the cables in right, but make sure you've actually got the FX loop turned on on the GT-6. If not, the preamp volume and tone controls on the amplifier will do nothing.
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Thanks TwoString - that was it!

Glad to be of service...I've done that several times myself at various hours of the morning after tweaking patches. Hook it to the amp and nothing, then look down and realize that none of my initialization patches had the loop engaged.