I know everyone is probably sick of this type of thread, but I need help choosing a new electric guitar. I'm very tight on cash right now and just need something to get me by for another 6 months or so when I'll be able to get something better. My Epiphone Special II (my first guitar) just is not cutting it. My budget is about $250-280 and that is it. I play a lot of metal and hardcore stuff (Drop-D and C) and occasionally play some clean melodic stuff. I have come across some ESP's that attract me and I will post the links. I have only been playing for about 3 months, so I know nothing and any help would be appreciated.

I've read on these forums that the tremolo is difficult to maintain though.

ESP LTD Viper-100FM


My choices are NOT limited to just these or just ESP's.

I do understand that in that price range the quality will be low, but would like to know what the best choice would be. Also, please no fenders (including Squiers). No offense to fender owners they just aren't my thing

Thank you in advance