Someone wanna give me some cool metal tabs for an intermediate guitarist.. anything that you think is good I'll look at, thx =)
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its not very hard but im playing unholy confessions by avenged sevenfold right now....just a thought, main riff is cool, oh and the riffs in like light to flies by trivium is awesome
yea most of the old avenged sevenfold stuff should be easy. alot of triviums is pretty damn hard. if you like metal, you could look into as i lay dying, maybe...MAYBE lamb of god, stone sour, and unearth. those are some kinda easy yet kinda complicated bands. well...lamb of god can be a bitch, but go for it. the more practice the better
Neither of those are really metal, more hardcore.

If you want good metal riffs try Kissing The Shadows by Children of Bodom or any riff on the CD Kezia by Protest the Hero.

Anything by Megadeth on the Rust in Peace, Peace Sells...But Whos Buying? and Countdown to Extinction albums is great too.
go for asendancy by trivium i probably didn't spell the song title right but you get the idea sick song thats not to difficult even at the solo
hellion by children of bodom
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