Okay, so I've got two guitar I want to sell. An Ibanez RGex4qm1 (it's the black quilted maple one, i can't remember the exact model no.), and an esp ltd viper 200fm. I bought the Ibanez for $500, and the viper for $600. They are both in excellent condition. When I talked to the guy at guitar center, he said they buy for a lot less than what I might expect, because they're trying to compete with ebay. What I want to know is just how much they're going to buy the two guitars for from me (yes, I understand it's hard to ballpark that number without seeing the two). Are they going to rip me off? Should I just try ebay? I hate selling my guitars on ebay because shipping is literally $90 - $100 for something that heavy and big.
i sold a used MIM strat to GC once. New ones were $400 but I paid $370 for mine. I also kept the gigbag so the guitar alone was $330. I got $175 on the trade in. Typically they'll give you half or a little less than half of the new price. If you plan on trading it in towards a new guitar then you can haggle the chit outta them and get a good deal. If you just want to sell them try craigslist or any local listing. That way you can have ppl come to you and pick it up. I sold a set of single coil pickups that way.
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^ I agree. Never sell an instrument to a store, because they want to make a profit as well. You'll get more money doing a private-party sale.
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yah, go private party, hell they tried to give me about $300 for my gibson flying V...
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The guitar center where I live offered 150 for my RG4EXQM1. So i sold to a friend instead for 300.
Yeah, I sold my old guitar, amp, and 2 pedals to friends for a total of $270, and it all cost me like $370 new. Private party ftw!
Think of it this way. If you were to give the store a killer deal on your guitar. Then you might as well give an individual that same deal. If you sell something dirt cheap someone WILL buy it. So I would much rather give a friend or even a stranger that kind of deal.

Good Luck!