I face alot of difficulty playing barre chords. No matter how hard i press my index finger, one of the strings will be muted. And i really wana play radiohead-creep acoustic. This song requires alot of barre chords and being able to switch between barre chords quickly. Any ways to strengthen my finger or help me play and switch between barre chords?
like you said its all about strength so practice as much as you can and eventually youll be able to get it. this my sound meatheadish but i play rugby and so i lift weights for that and ive noticed a huge increase in my hand strength for playing its almost scary

bottom linbe is practice, it wont happen overnight
Practicing is a given, but you can try using lighter strings. I've personally never had this problem, so I can't say for sure.
Possibly the action is causing you some trouble. But it is probably just practise which is needed.
you might actually be forming it kinda wrong. you might be holding your index finger too high. i know what you mean about theres always one muted i used to do that too and i found out about the index thing. make sure the tip of your finger is at the E string more so than like the pad of your finger that helped me
well I had alot of problem with barre chords so I spend almost an hour to develop something to help and I realize that the pression you put on the string with your index can be much greater depending on where you place your thumb on the back of the neck, if its ways back you will exerce alot less pression, if you advance it you will have alot more power in your index, atleast it worked for me try it.
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The best way for me to barre all 6 strings is so that the tip of my index finger goes over the fretboard, the first joint is between the E and A strings. This is an important part of barring, you have to find the best position for your finger. Also tilt your finger a bit on it's side.