I was just wondering if it's imperative to memorize and be able to play each of the five minor pentatonic boxes individually. I run into trouble if I try to think of them as individuals as opposed to thinking of them as a whole. Will I ultimately have more trouble if I don't memorize them?
Yeh, I think it's important. It's important to know them both separately and as a whole, IMO.
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why did you say learn all 5 minor pentatonics...4 is major, do you not like it or something

i think its better to learn it as a scale instead of the form to be honest, youll memorize the fretboard a lot fast - just go 1,3,4,5,7

my theory is you wont be in trouble either way, but if you learn it by the formula now, youll be better off and more proficiant with it later on and itll be easier to just look and a formula and play it- trust me it helps once you start with modes and stuff like that
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you got 2 options

- learn all the notes on the fretboard and then the notes of the scale

- learn the 5 pentatonic fingerings