I just recently purchased this off of ebay and was wondering what you guys think of the '72 Fender Telecaster Customs RI...This one was made in Mexico and I feel that I got a decent price for it at $465, as it has no flaws besides some pick scratches on the pickguard...it is also 8 years old so the neck has began to get that lovely golden aged tint that maple necks get...let me know what you think...

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I actually like it, despite the fact that I usually find Tele's ugly. Nice color, looks good.
although I prefer the 72 Tele Deluxe, It looks good. Nice Buy.
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I like Teles but that pickguard and the 4 knobs with the switch up there.. I don't like it. But I hope you're very happy with it
Looks really nice, the maple neck looks gorgeous!
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Nice! I just sold the squier veersion with P-90s on ebay.
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It's a nice find.

I'm not a tele fan though, they're the fat dwarves of guitars.

If by fat dwarves you mean super sexy supermodel....maybe...

Hah, okay, I admit it, IMO they are so ugly that they are beautifull, alot like british bulldogs (muchios love to the british bulldog)

And yes, that seems like a great steal, congrats monsieur.