what would be some good songs to play to show skill? i'm not actually doing this, i'm just wondering.
well first you would have to know proper grammar

and second just play some chords, or power chords with a good rhythem and keep the beat
for rhythm stuff, i recently learned madhouse rhythm bits from anthrax. its a pretty impressive sounding song... you could also try like, master of puppets or any other metallica song from theyre harder days. or if you wanna go nuts, try out some lamb of god/shadows fall single note rhythm riffs. thats the good stuff. more specifically, laid to rest by lamb of god is a nice one. hope i helped.
if its a metal band play lots of stuff with triplets and lots of palm muting and play riffs with big distances on the fretboard between each chord. and just make sure you hit everything perfectly and maybe you could try some tricky strumming patterns....i cant think of any songs but yeah.
He didn't capitalize things, and such.

If it were me I'd do something with tremolo picking, palm muting, maybe some galloping. A lot of 3 Inches Of Blood stuff is good for practicing these things.
it really depends on what kind of music the band played.
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haha, sorry if my typing was hard to understand. i don't capitalize cause i'm lazy but i try to spell and grammar right.

and i dunno what the band would be playing as this is a hypothetical situation, but i tend to gravitate towards playing chords rather than lead or soloing. thanks for the suggestions so far, any non-metal ideas?
If you want to showcase solid rhythm skills, then MoP should do the trick.

(so cliché
MoP is overdone...only use that if your sure your bandmates wont beat you up for playin that song....dont get me wrong its awesome...but for me it is kinda generic, because everyone i knows plays that....including me.
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