ya does any budy now were ya can find avenged sevenfold lead guitarist synyster gates signature guitar its called a shecter synyster custom, ya i looked and called all over cant find it , well im also in canada so if any one knows were to find it in canada email me at tankntom@hotmail.com.
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why would you want to find that guitar? I'm planning on avoiding it at all costs.
That is the most shitty guitar ever. (shitty guitar for shitty guitarist)
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That guitar is ugly. The shape, inlays and headstock aren't very appealing to me. Sure it might sound and play well (I've never played/heard one, but ill pretend your using a $10,000 amp) but I'm 98% sure you could get something better for the price.

To answer your question - Do a google search. Find your nearest Schecter dealer. Email or call them and enquire. then get quotes from other guitar stores, they're free and will save you some money too.

Also a big no no posting your email address on this forum... I remember the guy who sent images of horses reproductive parts to the users who did that. Anybody remember his username? i need to make a PM.
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I can't find the damn things anywhere either - I wanted to give 'em a try.
Good luck bud
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Was bored...ive never played one so that pic has 0 credability.
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Was bored...ive never played one so that pic has 0 credability.


im a huge A7x fan but i would never go near that guitar in all my existance. for the same price you could get a better guitar with better pups. its just not worth it
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Played it, it has to be the worst high end signature I've ever played. Don't get it, it sucks and it's associated with one of the most pverrated guitarists ever.