1) does the sound change when i switch the 100W to 50W?
2) What does the reverb do? i have the dual reverb model (4501 i think, but it has a 1)
I turn it all the way and the sound doesnt change.
1) yes. it changes a lot when i switch mine from 25 to 50. 25 is much less harsh, and in my opinion better sounding.

2) you have to turn the reverb on using the footswitch. you will hear an ecoeish sound after you hit a note. that's really the best i can describe it. if that doesn't work, make sure the chords are plugged into the input and output on the reverb tank.
1) The sound changes a lot. When I switch mine from 100watts to 50watts...Idk...Im not a huge fan of it. Little too much sag, and it sounds like someone threw a blanket over the amp.

2) The reverb on the Dual Reverbs sound amazing, IMO. But you gotta turn it on with the foot switch. If not, get it checked out. Because you gotta have the verb man!
^^most people seem to agree with the blanket thing, my old band mate used to have a JCM (although im not sure which one, either 800 or 900) and when he switched it to the lower wattage, I didnt notice the difference too much, but it did seem a little different (although that was back in the day when I didnt have much of an ear for tone (not that I do know either...))
Well the amp sounds alot less muddy with the 100 or 50 watt mode (full pwoer) watt mode. Plus the 50 watt mode (well 25 watt for the 50 watt ones, the 45xx ones) is only 3db's louder. Basically in the JCM900 series the codes are extremly simple:
first number:
4: Dual Reverb
2: Mk3. or SL-X

Second number:
1: 100/50 watts
5: 50/25 watts

Third number:

Fourth number:
0: Head
1: 1x12 speaker
2: 2x12 speaker

So if you have a 4501 that means you have a Dual Reverb, 50/25 watts, 1x12 combo.
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nevermind, its 4100. and i turned on the reverb using the footswtich, but it didnt change the sound or anything. what doe sreverb supposed to sound like?