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i was wondering how many hours of sleep other high school students usually get a night. im always feeling tired at like 5 or something, but i cant go to bed cause ive still got homework and stuff, and then by 10 im not tired anymore. its really annoying. but i usually get 7 hours. how bout you guys?
Anywhere from 6-7 hours a night, but I'm college.
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Nights that I don't work and spend at home 10 hours. Makes up for the lack of sleep any other time of the week.
I usually get about 4-5 hours (I'm a night person) but when I'm not in school (vacations, weekends) I sleep at least 9-10 hours. I guess it's to make up for the lack of sleep while in school.
3-5 or sometimes nothing.
im always tired. but i drink coffee or some caffinated drink in the morning. sometimes i take a sleeping pill or two tho... if i really need it. i think i might have insomnia, but my mother keeps putting off the doctors check up for it. *sigh*
Not ****ing enough.
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usually about 8 hours on and off school days...sadly i just cant sleep any longer no matter how late i stay up
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On average weekdays like 5-6, I get too much work...
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I get home from work at 10:30, go to bed at 2-4 and usually wake up between 10-11. Weekends probably less due to WoW. I'm a fackin nerd.
Lucky^^ some of use have to wake up in the morning.
Hell I go to bed in the morning...
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About 7 hours a day. I try to get lots of sleep when I can so sometimes I get 9 hours of sleep on a school night. That must be some kind of record. When does a high school student ever get 9 hours of sleep on a school night?
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+100. Tomorrow I have classes from 9-9. ****ing Comp Sci Lab
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5 hours tops. im in college though. lots of shit to do... im always busy so its not hard to stay awake.
I usually get between 5 and 7 hours, I don't think I've ever gotten more than that though. It's been down to 3 hours or no sleep though.
4-8 hours weekdays
12+ weekends....Im a lazy bastard.
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hmm now im wondering what itd be like to be nocturnal, i think i knew some other guy who was like that. he'd come home from school and sleep right away then get up in the middle of the night and do homework and all that stuff, go to school then repeat.
Pssshhh, who needs sleep. How will we ever master music if we are gonna waste time sleeping every night. I work from 4pm to 1am and then have to leave my house by 6 am to get to college on time. I don't get back till like 2 or so, then back to work. Thats just like four days a week though. The other days I can be a lazy 8itch and get like 8 hours sleep.
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One of my friends read about this sleeping method that consisted of taking a 30-minute nap every four hours. It supposedly fully refreshes you and obviously is a whole lot more efficient than sleeping all at once.
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7 at least usually. Usually it's around 8, and 9 on good days. To me, 7 is just enough to survive on.

I dunno, I like taking naps after school, but then it ends up 1 AM and I need to sleep and can't. Like right now. There's entirely too many things to read and do that take up my time and fascination.
Sleep round 11:30

Wake up for school at 5:45

Not enough.
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Weekdays 6-5. Weekends 12-14 hours. One time I feel asleep 1AM and woke up at 3PM in the afternoon, then stayed up for 7 hours before going back to sleep again.
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6-8 every night
i'll stay up till 3 but won't get up till 9 or later and go to bed at 11 and get up a 7:30
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depends on the night.

on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, i dont have class until 12, so i get maybe 8-9 hours of sleep.

on Tuesday and Thursday, i have class at 9:30, so i get maybe 6-7 hours of sleep. i cant really go to bed earlier than midnight, and i dont usually go to bed until at least 1am.
Alot of the time I sleep when I get home from school then sleep at around 4-4:30.
usually 3 or 4 hours and the odd time i get up to 10.
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Its cool how, in college, you really learn how to control your sleeping habits. For about a month, I went on the 4 hours awake, 20 min sleep schedule. It was really weird.
For about 3 months I had insomnia, and honest to god those were the worst 3 months of my life. I got about 3 hours sleep per night.

So now, I will only go to bed when I'm like, falling asleep watching television or when I'm completely knackered.

Which means I only get like.. 6 hours?

Which just isn't enough for me.
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Anywhere from 6-7 hours a night, but I'm college.

How the hell do you get so much sleep then? I've got an exam today and I had about four or four and a half hours last night and consider myself pretty well rested
Between 6 to 12 hours

college days: attempt to sleep at 12/1 for 7.30 wakeup
workdays: wake up at like, 6ish. hopefully after a good sleep
free days, i usually wake up at about 1pm
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school: 7-8 hours
Weekends: 9-10
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Anyone who knows me, knows that I don't sleep.
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