I'm trying to modify my first guitar, it has chrome hardware, but I want it black. How hard is it to replace the trem and tuning keys. I found a website that has all the parts I neeed. So any help is greatly appreciated.
what kind of trem is it? the tuners are easy. you just unscrew the screws on the back of them and usually there's a nut on the front of them. depending on what kind of trem it could be super easy or ridiculously hard
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its his first guitar, so its probably a vintage trem, if so its super simple, if its an FR or something, your ****ed.
that trem will be easy to cahnge. its literally lke 6 screws and a few springs to take out
Signatures are overrated.
Yeah, I did a vintage trem swap before. Just make sure that the trem isn't too deep for the guitar >.<
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