Alright, this song is in honor of Rich, a buddy o mine at school who is obsessed with catgirls (yeah, the little anime catgirls in japanese cartoons...)
And this is supposed to be sung in the most ridiculous country voice possible!
Crit for crit

Dickie's got a problem of the lonely kind
He's looking for a woman got love on his mind
But Dickie's kinda picky, he's so hard to please
Cuz the kind of girl he likes is the kind with fleas

(CH) Dickie's looking for a catgirl (meow)
Looking for a catgirl (meow)
Ain't it nice the way she catches them mice
Yeah Dickie wants a catgirl

Single guy at the bar, looking to melt a heart
But Dickie's down shopping at Petsmart
A few squeaky mice, a box of catnip
Then gettin some milk for his kitty to sip

(CH) (but change 2nd to last line to...)
Stroke her fur, ooh listen to her purr

No Scarlett Johanssen don't drop his jaw
But get a girl with ears, a tail, and claws
Sure his taste ain't that of a normal man
But nothing gets Dickie like a catgirl can

(CH) (But change 2nd to last line to...)
She's clawin and scratchin durin the action

(CH) (But change last 2 lines to...)
DIckie thinks she's fine if she's a feline
Oh Dickie wants a Catgiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiirl

Ridiculous yes. But ridiculously funny!
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Shoooooooooooop da whooooooooooop
yeah verses are good but chorus is a bit odd and tell dickie to get over cartoons . i will crit other one at a larger extent