im thinking about building a guitar and dont know much about pickups so what are some good sounding and resonably priced ones?ive got a crate 20 watt. i also got a G2 effects pedal.im looking for ac/dc or zeppelin kind of sound and probably 2 pickups. im looking to spend around $350 or $400
Guitar-fetish.com has very inexpensive and great sounding pickups, I have three guitars with them in and they all sound amazing, plus they look great.
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if you buy really good pickups you prob wont get their full capability with your amp. i suggest a nice tub amp first but if you must get the pickups and are willing to spend that much check out bareknuckle. the blackdog pickups should get you that led zep tone but there are other classic rock type pickups. check out the sound clips in the forum too.
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^agreed, the amp is definitely most of your tone, but still great pickups help. i really like duncan jb's but that's just me.
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Pick ups help alot...but you won't notice the difference on your amp tbh.

New amp, then new pups.
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