I found that in the outside world, in the usual routine of days there aren't many people I know who are into the Foos. I'm sort of a hardcore fan, but not to obscesed. Anyway...Foo Fighters, anyone?
Yesh. They're well good. A band every1's heard off i guess. Most of my m8s are into them, apart from the 1's that have no taste. Lol
Are you serious!!! The Foos are huge all across the world. Not one of my personal favourite bands but thats because i live in the 80s and 90s music wise. But yeah theyre definately one of the worlds most popular modern rock bands.
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the first album is amazing but im not really into their newer stuff
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Huge fan. My favourite album is TINLTL closely followed by TCATS then Self Titled. One By One and In Your Honour aren't quite as good but still have some great tracks on them.
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the first album is amazing but im not really into their newer stuff

Yeah, they've always gone downhill.

Earlier the better.
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