Ok so since Valentines Day is comming close and closer...unfortunately, the question is what to get for that someone special...

Well I've always thought that Valentines day was more of a girl thing and only the girl gets stuff..but ..what the hell do you get a dude for valentines day!?

I mean.. something speical..and sweet..but..uh...

Yeah, I posted it in the hope that some naive girl would read it and act upon it.

Then I'd be helping a bro out.

Girls shouldn't have to get guys something anyway.

Mm...I'm probably going to buy a bottle of wine for the two of us, and show up wearing something.."special" lol. That works in some relationships, but if you haven't been dating long or if that just isn't going to work...
You could buy him some nice cologne, or maybe make him something. You could...write a letter, if you do art create a piece for him, write a poem or a song, make a mix cd for him, make dinner...
get him a cd of his favourite band? or something like that. i dunno we dont know the guy so how are we supposed to know something good to get him, everyones different. what date is it again? cant forget this 1 gf will kill me
Haven't had a girlfriend for almost a year. Last one broke up with me a week before Valentine's day.
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I don't have a girlfriend, nor do I plan on getting one.

I wiiiiin. *hordes his money to himself, frivilously spending it on knick-knacks and paddywhacks*

Valentine's sucks balls for me....

But I'd appreciate anything. As long as I know she put thought into it, it wouldn't matter.
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Haven't had a girlfriend for almost a year. Last one broke up with me a week before Valentine's day.

At least she spared you buying her an expensive gift, right?
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^ wow i actually almost missed that hahaha iforgot your a genious

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No girl. Meaning more money for me. Actually Im flat broke so it doesnt matter.
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this might sound lame but, i don't have a girlfriend at the time just because i'm saving for a new amp