So does anyone have any recommendations about either Electro Harmonix Holy Grail or Boss RV-5 for a reverb pedal? I'll probably order one tomorrow along with an ebow but was wondering if the extra modes on the Boss unit are worth the price? Either that or it's better quality?

Oh, and the prices are £55 for HG and about £100 for the Boss.
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I tried the Holy Grail and the RV-5 side-by-side and the Holy Grail is a lot better, it sounds much more natural than the RV-5 and you can coax some very unusual sounds out of it if need be. Oh, and it sounds great with an E-bow!

If you do decide to go for the RV-5, bear in mind that nearly everyone who has an RV-5 wishes they had an RV-3 instead...

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Yeah i was thinking about getting an ebow at the same time so i might go for the HG
Don't get an ebow. I have one and have only used it for a totoal of about 20 minutes. Go for the EH Stomp though.
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EBows are great if psychadelic/ambient is your thing. As well as digital reverbs... Some, like the Verbzilla can make some cool ambient sounds. But if you want valve amp spring reverb emulation, the HG is better.
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