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So what did everyone buy as their first guitar, and how much did you pay for it?
Mine was an Aria Pro 2 RS Straycat, $120 Aust.
mine was a westfield prs, ive still got it but its a bit more bashed now!! i got it for £115 with a small 10 watts peavey amp plus extras, water effect, purrple, ge8 buy!!
Encore strat with a 10 watt amp. Was a real crap guitar but it only cost £90. I sold it a few months ago for £60 to a friend so im pleased with that.
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mine was a j & d les paul which i got for 400 second hand and which i still use i only got it a year ago and it seems to be doing pretty good
An encore piece of shit with no amp or strap or picks or anything So I supose the first one I actually learned to play was a Squier strat.
^To Final, my dad has a Teisco ES-335 copy, and its a really nice guitar. What kind is yours?
First guitar ever was a shitty $70 classical accoustic, but my first electric was a Fender Strat with Bill Lawrence pickups in it. It was my uncles, so he let me have it until I had the money for my own, so sadly I gave it back to him this summer
Some classical guitar, I found it in my parents wardrobe and claimed it as my own....I foundz teh trezhah!!

Well. My First Guitar was a Cort Earth100f, but that's an acoustic. My first electric's a Squier Affinity Strat. The box for said Squier has written all over it 'World's most popular guitar'. Oh, what a lie.
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Behringer V-tone guitar pack

guitar, amp, cable, gig bag, strap, picks, all for £70

well worth it
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My first guitar was a MIM Fender Strat in Midnight Wine for my birthday couple years ago.
Typhoon Strat copy, still have it, the action on that thing was orgasmic, no fret buzz at all, the pick-ups were alright, but the trem died after a while.
Fender Fat Strat (black and white, Mexican from 97). Cost me about $500...
Fender Fat Strat (Mex, b-w, '97)
Stagg BC300 Fusion Bass. Matt Black: £120 still the only bass i got. It's nearly 2 years old.
First (and only) guitar: Jackson RR, Black finish: £199
Electric, The Ibanez on my gear list, about 500€ i think. Really first guitar a Majr acustic, not a good guitar but it did it´s job!
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mexi tele, awesome guitar, got it as a gift
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My first one was a yamaha acoustic my brother stole from the skool. i still use it. it just screams metal. lol
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mine was a 1972 harmony stella. i still have it. it has 1/2 inch action and sounds like as banjo

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my first guitar was an empty tissue box with a number of multicoloured elastic bands attached in the centre/
Aria stg series.

99 quid from Alligator music.

In fact this is my only guitar, at the moment i cant afford nor care for buying a new one. Im saving up for an xbox 360 at the moment.
i got a Cort X-2 and the thing is still kick ass.

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my fist guitar was a tangle wood strat with cruiser 15w amp. no brilliant but only cost £100 i just bough a ESP-LTD KH-202 tohugh for £480 and im am very pleased with it
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my first guitar was an empty tissue box with a number of multicoloured elastic bands attached in the centre/

I had that one to. I hope you upgraded the pickups like I did.
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Crappy classical guitar, with a bent neck. I can't even describe how crappy it is, but I it.
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My first guitar was one of those Crate packs that comes with a strat clone, an amp, a strap, a chord, picks, etc.
a 1970s-ish strat copy. i still have no idea who made it. the pickups were busted and the headstock was half gone and the amp it came with was totally shot to hell. lesson learned....never buy a guitar from a friends older brother sight unseen.
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Some tanglewood acoustic my parents got for me and my sister as a gift a couple years ago (nice guitar)

My first electric is an Epiphone Special-2 i bought for 80$ bucks but in incredible condition with a free custom fitted hard case (150$ by itself) and a very very good starter guitar (but im probably going to upgrade the humbuckers pretty soon)

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Epiphone les paul special II got it a year ago and still playing it (even tho i have an Ibanez now to)
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