hey guys, i put sh*t loads of super glue on the tips of my fingers to give em a brake with string tension, is their any health harm to this?
There should be no adverse affects from the usual super glue ingrediant (Cyanocrylate).
It does not cause cancer or make your hair fallout.

I have never heard of anyone using it for this. With practise your fingers should eventually get hard enough to play without it.
Actually you may want to watch out when you are eating, because you should not swallow superglue even when its hard. You may get some from your hands onto the food, so be very careful.
no, because it would just flake off.

It would be better just to practice without, because when you have superglue on, your hands won't toughen up.

Which would basically make your fingertips addicted to it, which is not a good thing.
my fingers hurt, plus my finger tips wont toughen up anyways since i try sandpaper and it didnt work
flea (RHCP bassist) used to play until he got blisters all over his hands, pop them then pour super glue into thm so that the skin grew over the glue and viola strong calouses.
i'm pretty sure repeated or prolonged exposure to superglue can causes dryness and cracking of the skin. in the long run basically it'll make the problem worse. i found it best playing til my fingers hurt too much, then stopping for a break, then carrying on as soon as possible. also, if you dont play for a while (a week or two ish) the calluses start coming off. not pretty.

o yeh...sandpaper is not a good plan. it'll rub off any hardness you've worked up
aahh f**k it...
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I had a similar problem a few weeks ago, I went on a long vacation without a guitar, and when I came back, my calluses were gone.

I restrung my guitar, tuned down a full step (to D standard), and played an hour a day, through the pain, for two days. By then it didn't hurt anymore, so I tuned up to Eb standard and repeated. After two more days, I was good to go in standard tuning again.
Do not use any shits on your finger or anything that would unnaturally harden it, it'll worsen the condition. Just play normally, if it hurts so bad, use lighter gauge gradually moving up. If it still hurts, downtune a fair bit.

One more thing, when you're not around with your guitar, use your thumb's nail to push against the tip of your fingers so that it'd kinda act like you're fretting something. Just keep playing and practicing. If you have acoustic guitar, use it more.
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Thats what she said...
I see you're trying to do what SRV did?
Well he put the super glue on his fingers but his fingers to his arm (the part with no hair) left it for a while then pulled his fingers away, but only before a gig.