how far should somebody be after 3 years of playing? like name some things they should know and some songs that they should be able to play...

cause I feel i need to step it up a notch. like my theory skills are horrible so I'm workin on that but anything else?
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There is no 'yardstick' for guitar. You get out of it what you put in.

You may have practiced for a half hour every other day for three years and someone else may have practiced for several hours every day.

Then there's the question on how you have practiced. You may have noodled about for three years and someone else may have spent 3 years with a rigid practice routine that is designed to hone their skills.

Who knows?

You certainly can't measure it by what songs you can play, everyone's different.

If you feel you're lacking in something then put more effort into that part. Which it pretty much looks like you are already doing.

Keep it up and just enjoy it. It isn't a competition and it isn't a race.
I dunno. Everyones different. Some people suck for ages then improve so fast, others get good then kinda plateu out. It's all different. Don't judge yourself against anyone else. The better you are means the less of a social life you have.
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Why are people so fixated on how long they have been playing?
So many guitarists ask me how long I've been playing and think I must be amazing when I say 16 years.
Not true.
In the beginning you improve a lot, and if you put the time in you can be more technical in 6 months than someone who has been playing years.
I would say that you should be in a band though, because you will learn more about being a musician that way.
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thanks for the insight. that really helps me out a lot. thanks again and if anyone has anything to add go ahead
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Well i've learnt that it varies.

Looking at me, practices at every opportunity, has no set practice time, after one year I can play things like Steve Vai, Joe Satriani and Buckethead (Big sur moon only though v_v)
But my friend who has been playing 2 years classical and 3 years electric can't play anything, and i'm not joking, he can play trivium riffs and thats about it.
My other friend who is in her third year of guitar isn't bad but not as good as me.

This is due to how much practice and dedication goes into it, I'm dedicated to guitar and music as a whole I learn sclaes theory as much as i can and i practice it all properly, they just own a guitar to be flashy prretty much and they get nowhere.

So yeah depends how much you put into it.
As long as you improve and learn new, challenging, songs you are on the right way.

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Quote by lil-matee
what is a solo?
definately work on your theory skills.. As soon as you can is a great time to start.
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I've been playing 10-11 years and I suck. But I never practice so I don't expect to be good.
Hi, I'm Peter
i dont "Practice" i just play and jam with people and just enhjoy playing and learning songs(try and learn a new song or part of a song each day) i can play solos to ozzy songs which is about as fast as i would want to go to be honest im not after speed more just feel so i play clapton songs but improv the solos and just jam with records, dont worry how good you are just enjoy it.
the hardest song i can play is mr crowley, eruption and over the mountain. ive been playing for three years.
You should work on your playing position along with the theory. I would probably recommend a strict playing position, where you sit down and keep the guitar up fairly high with your wrist straight and etc., but I'm sure you probably don't want to go THAT far. So instead, I recommend working on certain techniques, like picking with a floating hand (if you don't do that already, that is), maybe economy picking if you want to play fast, and fretting properly with the thumb at the center of the back and straight fingers (if you don't do that already). I don't mean fretting properly ALL THE TIME, just as much as you can.

And maybe you could try writing your own stuff now. Print out a whole bunch of empty tab sheets or something and write down whatever you come with. It's really rewarding after a while, when you can make your own song with ease.

Hope this helps!
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