Hey people, I've started to get a bit more serious and I'm looking to upgrade all gear. Right now all I've got is a no name amp and a cheap strat copy.

I want a guitar for metal and a bit of shred and am looking for something with a decent floyd, pick up configuration and number of frets doesn't really matter to me. I'd probably be able to pay about 400-600AU from Ebay because the prices at the shops in Australia are painful.

For the amp I'm looking for a good metal tone and a bit of blues. I'm a bedroom guitarist at the moment so I think I'll just need a SS with not much wattage. I would probably be able to pay around the same amount for the amp as the guitar.

And finally, does anyone have any tips on buying guitars and things from ebay? I'm going to track a few auctions before I buy anything but tips would be helpful.