Ok, so ive been playing for roughly 3 years, and i pretty much bite. I can do rhythm guitar work, chords and everything like that really well. But when someone asks me to bust out a solo or a lick or something like that i have no idea. I try to play solo's, slowly, whatever but i pretty much screw them up. I dont know whether i pick too slowly, move my fingers to slowly or a combination of both, but pretty much after 3 years id be able to do this stuff. Any really helpful hints or tips into doing it would be much appreciated. Songs or tricky/easy solos too would be awesome. Thanks
Start with scales. Start slowly with a metronome and then increase your speed gradually.

Learn how to hammer on and pull off and learn how to bend correctly.

Put the effort in and you'll get there just like you have with the other stuff that you can do.
You have to walk before you can run, if your looking for a secret to all of sudden blast out mind numbing solo's at the speed of light ... well no secret exist.

scales are one thing to help whip those fingers into shape to have the flexability,speed and accuracy needed for all things guitar.

Work on the C major scale, here's a link to the site I go to when I'm looking for other scales http://www.all-guitar-chords.com/guitar_scales.php?qqq=3&scch=C&scchnam=Major&get2=Get

If your wondering how to play this weird looking thing start from G then go to A then B C D and so on till you reach the last note which is A, Then play it in reverse. Just play the dots in order is all.

Now get a metronome and try to play this C scale at 50m at 16th notes and work your way to a 100m.

If you can play this at an 80m you should be able to rip out some decent solo's in general. Anyways good luck man and keep trying, remember trying is what got players like clapton-hendrix ect to be as badass as they are.
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Make sure you are alternate picking, I spent my fist year of playing downpicking only (I don't have a teacher), and after I learned to alternate pick, everthing just went sooo much better. So just learn scales, play them with a metronome, make sure every note rings true, and alternate pick. Then turn up the speed. You wil be whipping out those solos in no time.

And practise legato (hammer-ons and pull-offs) and bends, to give your solos emotion.
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when my brother asked me the same question i gave him this site....


you need to get an idea of how it all works. this will help u put it all together so u can study everything else the guys mentioned above.

u click on a music style and a music sample plays over and over in the listed Key.
then they suggest two scales to play over that sample. u click on the green writing and up pops a scale chart, all the highlighted notes work with that song sample.

start out with a minor pent scale, but try them all, so u can get an idea of how it all works.

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