Anyone watch this on Channel 4. Best thing on TV at the moment, my fave character is Shane Maguire because he's such a scruffy bastard
I never got into Shameless, but the thing made by the same people "Skins" on E4 tonight looks really cool
Yer ive watched every series, good show.
Tears in waves, minds on fire
Nights alone by your side
I think its great. I haven't managed to watch any of season 4 yet though.
yeah its wicked, makes me want to live in machester even less now. But i still love it.
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i have also watched every series, i think it's a little disrupted now that Kev and Veronica have gone, theres no tourettes marty and his promiscuous mother now or shiela. The maguires are pretty good though
Good programme, I remember the last series. I don't have a favourite character though.
I've missed all the episodes of series 4 so far unfortunately. I love it though, its great.
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It's a good show, but this series isn't as good as the previous ones (Still pretty good though).

Skins has the potential to be great.