Hello all, Ive been playing for about 3 years now and I wana start recording a bit more... (dont worry im more worried about putting a real band together than spending hours programming drums!).. the thing is the mic ive got is real crap.. i think it cost me about 5-10quid or summit..

I want to get a mic that I dont have to place right in front of my amp.. like in the middle of the room of sumthing.. that will record the music as I hear it! without loads of background noise and just really crap sound...

Im really sick of comming up with stuff, recording it and having to discard it because the quality just brings the music down! I spose I could spend up to about 60quid.. but it would have to be a good mic!

thanks much, synth002
Yeah, I think we'd all dig a mic like that. The key here is not the mic...it's your room. I mean, you need a good mic, no doubt - but a good mic will just pick up the noise that much better.

Check out a DI box with cab simulation. You can get a Behringer for about 30 bucks and it has an awesome sound. I've been recording with a mic for years and years and have never captured my sound that well.

But, if you insist on the mic, the SM57 is the proven workhorse of instrument mic'ing. Others in here have more experience with other mics, so they might be able to recommend something better for your application.

Guitar sound is a subjective thing. Everyone has their own method it seems. There's probably 20 different ways to record electric guitar - all of them probably work great. Close micing is a tried and true method, so I'm not sure why you don't want to do that. If I wasn't going DI, I would close mic. I've only put a mic way back from the cabinet when I was looking for natural reverb - I still had my 57 up against the grill. That's also how you can achieve better signal to noise ratio in the noise infested home studio.