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I know it's kind of a lame question...
and describe any stickers or stuff you have on your guitar too

for me... both my guitars are black

what about you guys?
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Transparent Dark Blue - electric

And Black Acoustic (a very shitty acoustic i must add)
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Black. I have a DBD Tribute ML
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Cherry red with a sticker saying "evil inside" in the shape of the Intel Inside logo.
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Black - Acoustic
Cherry Red - Electric


._: Gear :_.
1952 Reissue Fender Strat
1962 Reissue Fender Telecaster
Bluerock Double Neck SG
Yamaha Pacifica 112mx
Aria Electro Acoustic
Fender Deluxe 900 Amp
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Black Ovation Acoustic
3-Tone Sunburst MIM Fender Telecaster
Alpine White Epiphone Les Paul studio W/ Floyd Rose
Ibanez- Black with Silver pickguard
MIM strat- Black with White pickguard
Yamaha bass- silver with black underlay on headstock
Acoustic- sunburst
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Red with a mirror spitfire head sticker
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black eclipse, and a multicolour oversprayed old strat, with logos and such things
ibanez RG100 electric - white
hofner colorama special - black
shitty ebay acoustic - blue burst
yamaha (something rather) bass - dark blue
My Ibanez is like a deep red.. and my acoustic and Vintage are both black.

I want a damned ESP *cries*
My name is Marc! Silly username.
my strat is midnight wine and my SG is black.
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black with white stripes like a skunk...really cool. Skunk Guitar!
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My strat is black.....just like my XxsoulxX.

Ha.. I always piss-take by saying that.

The other classic is ".. as black as my heart", if you're going for the emo moment.
my shitty samick strat is black, my shitty acoustic is natural,
My current rig:
Samick Strat
Epiphone Les Paul
Vox DA-5
Samick 80 watts amp (Doesn't sound good though)
Zoom 505
Boss DS-2
I have a Red Squire bass with a white pick guard.
A Washburn Acoustic something that is wine red.
And a Fernandes Native that is black with a black-trimed-in-white guard that looks pretty sweet.
Acoustic - That.. acoustic colour. Yellow? Orange? Covered in stickers of the worst bands I could think of.

Bass 1 - Black, white scratcheguard. With sticker that says 'Talk slowly, I am retarded' on the pickguard.

Bass 2 - Pink and glittery with a black and glittery pickguard that has stars in the paint.
My Acoustic- Creamy Yellow, White and Brown.

My Strat- Blue and White.
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Blond Harmony Strat Copy, Blond Danelectro U2 Re-Issue, and a Green Silvertone from ages ago in really shit condition.
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Fender - Burgundy Mist Metallic; the plain white pickguard I use for 3 single coils has a Googly Minataur sticker between the middle and neck pickups
PRS (1) - Tobacco Sunburst
PRS (2) - Some sort of discontinued purple that looks almost black
Hi, I'm Peter
sunburst squier...
blue sunburst 12 string
black les paul

next on the list is a white falcon.
Three natural colored (because two are acoustic and the other is classical), red SG, and a crappy black warlock.
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