I was thinking of getting a Warthog bridge pickup and a Condor neck pickup for my Fender Toronado. Does anyone how these swineshead pickups are?
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I had that combo in an Agile LP, great choices. The condor is one of my favorite neck pickups and the Warthog is a really well balanced pickup. Really good choices.
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I was looking at them earlier and spent an hour trying to figure out the solo on the warthog sound clip. I'm thinking of going for the runaway in the neck and warthog in the bridge, or maybe the warhog matching set.
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they're both good, but i wouldnt recommend havind them both, i would maybe thing about two Venoms, as they are a matching set and can play metal and softer stuff, the Warthog has alot more output than the Condor
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Warthog/Condor is a pretty popular Swineshead combo, there's no problem with it.
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