When I get home from work.. I just wanna get the strat out and play some classic rock.

Any suggestions on what to play?
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i might learn some deep purple.. I only know about 3 songs! don't know much cream of pink floyd.. if you could suggest songs that'd be great
I think i'll give comfortably numb a try.. i've been meaning to learn that for weeks but never got around to it
I do the same thing, my mood determines what songs I play.

Classic rock songs you can't go wrong with.

Queen: Stone Cold Crazy, Tie Your Mother Down
VH: Unchained, Panama, Ain't Talkin bout Love
Thin Lizzy: Cowboy Song, Boys are Back in town
Aerosmith: Train kept a rollin, Back in the saddle
Hendrix: voodoo chile
Floyd: Young Lust

I know a lot of these aren't strats but that doesn't really matter does it?
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Thanks Mudder!! that was really helpful

I can just use my HH tele on the non-strat songs
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Aerosmith, already mentioned I know. but good enough to mention again.
anything by ritchie blackmore so deep purple and rainbow stuff particularly. lazy is a great song!
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