does anyone think the world could be anything like how matt groening portrays it in futurama? the year is 3000 and well...yeah, i think its possible and you cant prove it wont happen.
I dont know, but I know I totally love that show. I heard something about possibly making new episodes.
and 1000 years in the future, pretty much anything is possible
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I really hope they restart the show
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Well acording to Busted we will all be living underwater in the year 3000...


What a horrible band.
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that would be kinda cool... you dont have to worry about hitting pedestrians... they are in tubes...
No, if it was what Matt Groening thought of the future, then it'd be a little more serious.
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they are bringing the show back as a direct to DVD movie for Christmas of 07, and this will be the first of 4 proposed movies. pretty sure they HAVE started working on this, the billy west site is a great place for this info, and then for the new season of TV starting in 2008 they're doing a bunch of shows (16 or so i think) on tv, comedy network or someone like that has picked them up. ALL original cast and crew as well so i mean, i think this is gonna be a sleeper hit and blow family guy out of the water(dont turn this into a futurama VS anything guys). im sooo excited because this is by far my favorite show, but yeah, last i heard thats the rundown of whats going to happen....now to just chryogenically freeze myself until mid 2008, see you guys then!!!
This thread tastes purple.

I read the other day they're bringing it back.

I'll try and find the page.
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they should do a spin off show with dr zoidberg

naw **** that how about DR ZOIDBERG ON ICE! or
I remember hearing about the new season being picked up by comedy central or something. I can't wait, I'm starting to get tired of seeing the same old reruns on Adult Swim every night.
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south park > futurama

I'm at a standstill between the two, they both have their moments
Oh man.... fucking awesome!!

I was watching Futurama last night. I love that show so much.

If the new seasons go on TV mid next year... that'll probably only be for the US. God knows when it'll come on air here
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Futurama is so good. If they aired it on Comedy Central I would probably shit myself.

Does anybody else think that Scruffy the Janitor should be in more episodes? lol
The dog episode got to me so much.
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