i wrote about 2 mins of a song the other day and i posted it up on ultimate guitar, and some ****head said it was gently buy slipknot...i could see the similarity's in parts, but it still did NOT sound like itand now i have to get rid of a whole ****in great song because a ****headis accusing me of plagurism...probly shouldnt even bother posting this as a thread but oh well
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yes miss...

and for the guy above me i cant send a link, the threads deleted, but ill send an attachment up once i find the file again
Firstly.. why do you care what some knob on here thinks?

Secondly.. if it sounds like Slipknot, it's probably shit.

Thirdly.. you probably won't ever get signed away, so there's no issue of legality. Just plagiarise like a *****, and write the song.. okay?
oH MY JESUS, what a moaning maria.
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oH MY JESUS, what a moaning maria..

lol i get like that sometimes...anyway i found the midi file, the one in this post SHOULD be it if not then o well ill just take -mintsauces-'s advice

and if the leads sound ****ed...well yer there ****ed...

....sounds like shit in MIDI...mabye i should record next time
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