Saliva just released a new cd: "Blood Stained Love Letters", I don't know how it sounds yet, but I know Saliva. And they happen to be an awesome band. Can anyone give a take on thier lastest cd yet? or Saliva in General. My favorite song by them would have to be 'Rest In Pieces'
I only heard "ladies and gentlemen" and it's not bad. I thik they're awesome though. Lyrics are okay though bad at some point, but the music is great.

My fav. song is I Bleed for You and Survival of the Sickest is my fav. album.
I've bought their new album and was listening to it at my job. 2 co-workers came in my office and they were all "Hey what's that band?! That's good!!" he he

I love all their songs, but my top favorite is Weight of the world
There new album is a huge disaapointment. They've lost all their swagger and attitude. It sounds like they're trying to tap into what creed had and go a little punk on some songs and Josie isn't singing like himself, it makes me sad. They're first three island cd rocked, the new one is sad!
i saw them play live at the "102.1 The X" Chili cook off and they followed Flyleaf, and they killed it. they had the audience moshing. it was awesome. my fav song by them would have to be "Click, Click, Boom!" my second favorite is "Lackluster" and my other favs are "Ladies and Gentlemen" and "Always". Anyway they rock...
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