I put some GHS zakk wylde strings on my acoustic will the strings ruin my acoustic guitar?
the first three strings are the same for electric and acoustic too (G,B,E)....For the rest I have no idea...Probably theyll do fine...
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I dont know about the strings (of course it has to be a steel-string acoustic, not a nylon, or you will be screwed tryin to put them on)

but it shouldnt be any problem, at all.

The only thing you may notice, is that your sound will be different (maybe abit thinner), this is because most likely) the acoustic strings you had on before where a higher gauge and/or where wrapped in bronze (i think thats the metal), which has different properties when it comes to tone compared to normal electric strings.

Ernie Ball Slinkies can be used on both, I know that for sure, I've done it, and it says so on the pack anyway.
No, putting electric strings on your acoustic guitar will not ruin it. Electric strings are just really light, so you will get a very bright sound out of you acoustic.
Apart from material and gauge, the only difference is that the G string won't be wound as it would be in some sets of strings for steel-string guitars. They'll be fine, just light compared to most acoustic strings. You might get some odd noises out of any pickups you've got in there since they might be designed for bronze wound strings, but again, no big deal.

Unless, as the others have correctly pointed out , you've strung a classical guitar with them. Then yeah, you might have ruined it.