Right, i live in halls of residence at university, love playing guitar - through marshall valve amp, i never put the volume past 3 at the very most, usually at 2, and yeah as its all valve it sounds fairly lame but what can you do. the problem is, any time i start playing, for example today at one oclock in the afternoon, i get someone upstairs jumping up and down on the ****ing floor until i stop, now if i was playing loud or at a stupid time or something then i would understand, if they just came to talk to me i wouldnt be annoyed. my first instinct, as a bit of a bastard, is to turn it up and really annoy them, but that wouldnt solve anything really, so i would like advice about what i should do, im sure most of you have dealt with noise difficulties before. reply asap, as im gonna keep playing till then
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just keep playing, if there really that bothered they'll come talk to you about it (probrably but you or something) but at least you know where you stand
Yeah, the people on my floor don't care how loud I play, though I've gotten a couple complaints when the bass is literally shaking the walls...
turn it up until you can no longer hear the stomping from above
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Pretend you can't hear them until they actually have the respect to come down and talk to you.


and it really must be loud anyway. i mean, i never go past the 2nd volume, in my 25W fender frontman 25R

invest in headphones?

or as they don't have the decency to come knocking keep playing.

or play something back in morse code like YYZ by rush, but obviously something that makes more sense than YYZ.
They sound like bastards anyway. I live in halls too, and people don't complain that much but they play their music so loud, and stomp around anyway.
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I agree, i always help people up. At the last show we all protected this little kid who was tying his shoe in the middle of the pit.