Ok guys, I am buying a new guitar. I have narrowed it down to a couple guitars, with some others in the back of my mind. I have researched these guitars and read reviews, but it seems like every review I read just gives all 10's or close to that, or you get the bitter guy who got a dud and gives it all 1's. I just want you guys to give your opinions on these guitars and give me the cons of them. (Cheap quality, weak neck, anything else)

Epiphone Vintage SG

Epiphone SG G-400

Epiphone Explorer
I have an Epi SG 400, and I ****ing love it. Great quality. In my opinion, Flawless (except for it's neck heavy, due to the strap button location) But a nice wide strap with the fuzzy stuff on the back solves the problem. I've played an Epi explorer in a store and wasn't that impressed. a little impractical for me. I'd go for one of the SG's.
All those are good guitars for the money, really. The pickups aren't great, but those can be swapped later.

Have you looked at the Korina Explorer or Flying V? They're good too.
i like the SG an explorer equally.

but i like the LPs the most!
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I really want an Epi Explorer. They just feel real nice, and look nice (better than the Gibson version IMO), and IMO sound nice for the price. But seriously, what guitar would you buy below $1,000 that you wouldn't swap the pickups on? Personally I like to swap the pickups on any guitar.
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yeah man, even if i did have a GIBSON LP Standard, i would still chnage the pickups anyways.

and epi pickups are actually very good for the price of their guitars.
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wow thats a cool idea i guess. But personally i dont see 81's in epi's very much.
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