Just got one. Really pleased with it, sounds great. I've put some vids on my myspace site, just follow the link in my sig if anyones interested.
groovy nice playing there dude isnt that the rotating speaker simulator?
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Its vibrato and chorus, its switchable between the two. My only criticism is that you cant blend the two.
I ordered one a few days ago, but since I live in Israel it might take a while to get here.
I don't need the chorus feature cause I have a chorus pedal already
Thanks for the vids man, I've been looking for more samples of this pedal but couldn't find many. This is a very underestimated pedal, it sounds great!

Is it safe to say you've been heavily influenced by Zakk Wylde?
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would you mind playing Badge by eric clapton with that pedal and putting it up on you tube for me please. cheers great playing by the way
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Is it safe to say you've been heavily influenced by Zakk Wylde?

I love his playing, Slash too, I just steal the easy licks ! ! !