I'm currently in my church youth band. I've had around 4 months of experience with a band, and with fast learning. I currently have no amp, but buying one soon(will be a half stack). I have one electric guitar to call mine, it's a squier strat with a seymour duncan scorcher pickup on the bridge(basically a humbucker for a singlecoil slot). Has great sound and tone. I have a Boss Metal Zone MT-2, Boss Distortion DS-1, and RP-50. I started out on acoustic, so my open chords and picking are well developed. I started learning punk on my electric at around 15, meaning I have great rhythm. I started listening to metal bands like As I Lay Dying which was hard at first, then simple. I am currently studying Arch Enemy's Michael Amott's techniques. As far as metal soloing I'm not that good, but as for Rock solos I'm pretty well along. I have a fine tuned ear and can find a harmonic anywhere. I can sing, but I prefer not to, I hate my voice.

For any info regarding this matter email joesomebody1615@yahoo.com

There is only one condition to playing in my band, do not disrespect what one believes. I am a christian, and I like discussing topics on religion and such, but as far as forcing it, I will shut you out and you will not play in my band.