does anyone know any websites where i can find bass songs that are just in notation, like jazz band pieces or something, cos id like to have a look without tab.
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The Laney. you can connect a cab without disconnecting the internet (on mine at least)

I have looked and can't find any. I got a real book for like $30. It has a bunch of standard. Notation and chords no tabs.
Are you looking specifically for jazz bass standard notation for the jazz bass lines? The real books and most jazz books will give you only the melody and the chord progressions. While I haven't dug very deep into a search, I don't think you are going to find much of anything.

As a jazz bassist, you are expected to improvise your own lines to a greater extent. The challenge of this is what drew me (with some concerted effort by my teacher btw) into playing Jazz bass. As discussed in another thread, there is some tendency on certain band leaders and in my case, keyboard players, to stick with a "recorded version", but finding true transcriptions is going to be difficult. And frankly, its the freedom of expression that makes playing jazz so great.....