Ok, since my last thread turned into a discussion of shooting ducks....I decided to repost the real important issue.

I want to put a Strat style neck on an SG body. The scale lengths are different but I have an idea. Where the neck and body meet, could I glue in pieces of wood to compensate for the lower scale length the body has? I find out the scale lengths of both and I figure out what needs to be met in order to have the 12th fret in the center.

If this is completely stupid and impossible, please let me know any way of getting the neck onto the body because I really want it on. if this explanation isn't good enough, I can try to get pictures up.

Thank you
You could either move the neck placement, or move the bridge. Assuming that you're replacing the bridge, it would be a lot easier to move the bridge back a little bit rather than glue in some shims to fix the neck placement. You could even buy a short scale Strat neck and not even have to worry about moving the bridge or shim the neck pocket. Theres tons of ways to fix your little problem, just pick the one you'll be most comfortable with.
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I don't think it'd look good, but what the hell.
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Haha I didnt think it would until I put it up with it. I think Ill move the bridge back a bit, Im looking at putting a Stetsbar floating bridge on it but Im not sure. Anyone have any ideas for other awesome floating bridges?
You're looking at about a half inch type movement either in the neck pocket, or in the bridge location...

As far as PLAYING, well, you're going to have problems with the fretboard radius.

On the whole... I think that this is possible, but, y'know, not worth the effort.

The string spread at the bridge and nut will be different too.
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This is a copy SG and I think Im going back to the idea of moving the bridge back. Im buying a floating tremolo system so I can just put that back as far as it needs to be.
Unless the SG body has a bolt on neck pocket, it's not happening. You could route out a bolt on neck pocket, but unless you have a router, again it's not happening.

You'd have to move the bridge back, or move the neck forward. Moving the neck forward (away from the body) is a bad idea as it, as there's hardly anything holding in the neck in the first place.

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