The main things I want to know for this are does the bit into the break (99-100) work, and how good is the break lead, as I'm unsure of it? Does the change from 150-154 work, also 201-203, and the whole build up section, especially the build up section, as that was done in a rush. I know the drums are pretty weak, but I cant really play or write for drums, so they are mainly there for rhythm. I intend to get some vocals in bars 76-99 and 112-135, so its mainly an instrumental song (like To Tame A Land by Maiden), so that explains why that section is pretty repetitive. If anyone wants their song critted just say the name of your song in your post, or leave a link. Thanks.

EDIT: After Bumpers comments, I have added a solo, changed the harmony in the verse, and changed the build up.
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I'm not sure about this one, it seems like you tried to write an instrumental, but not that good of an instrumental. I think that it would be better if the lead guitar had more substance to it. Or you could probably make it more complex, and use some alternating between gutiars (seems like the rythem guitarist would be bored to death during it, I mean, he only does any runs or leads during like one part). It's good. I'll give it a 7/10. It just needs some tweaking.
The Solos were great and some of the bass parts were pretty awesome but the song was WAY too wannabe epic for me. Kind of like you tried a little too hard. Kind of like something DragonGay...oh I mean GayForce..Oh whoops I mean DragonForce would do.
Overall i liked it, you had some nice riffs in there. Where you marked 'guitar enter' you had some clashing between the lead and rhythm part which sounded a bit unsettling, it comes up at the beginning of bar 14, most of bar 16 and the beginning of bar 22. The verse riff was awesome, nothing wrong with that. The harmony at the 'break' was great but it ended a bit abruptly when going into the vocals again. i loved when everything died down for the bass riff and all the other instruments gradually joined in, it brought some tension to the piece. For the bridge there was a great riff but it was kinda ruined when it changed position from the B5 chord to the D#5 chord, it didn't sound to good to me, if you transposed it up or down a semitone it would sound amazing. the first solo was great but the 2nd... it did sound a bit like Dragonforce like, just full of shred. If you just toned it down a bit.
I don't really like the drums that much

They key changes are nice, I like the style of that main riff there as well

Verse riff is repeated far too often, it get kind of annoying

I think bars 99 - 100 work well together, the break bit sounds really good

Verse riff is repeated to often again, don't really like the second riff either

Again I think your change is good from 150 -154, the guitar part in bar 163 sounds really good with the Bass. I can't hear the other guitar there though

The Guitar joining the Bass sounds absolutely ****ing awesome, a brilliant buildup

I don't like bar 203, that feels really out of place

I think the bridge would sound better if you repeated the riff twice instead of four times

I don't like the drums starting bar 220 at all, the Bass sounds great though

As cool as your solos are, I don't think they fitted very well

The Bass from 269 is damn cool

I think the whole outro is nice but the Bass is exceptionally good

Crit mine please?