Looks alright, I'm not so big on aesthetics. I just wonder, isn't that just the biggest pain in the ass to play????
I think it looks cool - not exactly a "sit down" instrument though.

EDIT: Not a fan of the bass.
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Those are truly the ugliest guitars I've ever seen, but their staples are suprisingly good this year, I'm waiting on a price for the Mockingbird ST.
the new assassin is very nice imo
normal shape
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Ok, BC had some cool shapes until now...

but these remind me of the japanese guitars from the 60's, which look as if they were cut by jigsaws on crack.


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Well the first one isnt too bad, still bad BUT the second one! yuck

and yes I like the Assasin alot! Tho from what I hear from Gabe the Nato body isnt great!
yea same assains's are the only riches i like

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I actually like the bass a lot.

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Some cruddy classical that my parents bought off ebay for like 40 bucks.
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yea same assains's are the only riches i like

Yeah, the Assassin Classic Exotics are dead sexy.

I absolutely love the Bich, too.
i usually like the shape of BC rich and similar things - but not those ... eeuw...
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I like the first one, not as a guitar more as a sort of looks thing
Like if i had a shed load of money for a stage looks guitar i wouldnt mind that one.

But the bass looks horrible.
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Basically summing it up.

But honestly, BC Rich isn't exactly known as a brand with normal shapes. A few ugly shapes doesn't surprise me.
We've already discussed these.

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I hate BC richs. Just ugly guitars. They are not versatile and not practicle.
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... Eww...
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If I ever saw someone playing those monstrosities I'd kill them on the spot.
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The first one wasn't bad at all IMO. The bass looked like it was designed by a 5 year old however...
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The Draco would be okay if the inlays weren't so huge. Way too big.

The bass is just gross, though.
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if it wasn't just a V-shape. like if it had some kind of neck cut-away/horn/spike/thorn, and maybe 1/2 of the V-section. like an up-side-down explorer. then it would look KILLER!!!