I was checking out the website of the best store in my area and I noticed... the Line 6 Variax 300 is cheaper than the Standard Fender Strat.
I've been looking at a strat for a long time, cause I play a good lot of blues and jazz as well as rock, and I love their tone; but I've heard good things of the Variax series.
I already have a pretty digital rig, so I'm wondering, which is better? the Variax 300 or the Fender Strat (standard).
don't add more digital stuff to your rig, get the strat, it's extremely good for blues (nice neck, versatility, good tone)

but yeah, the Variax is versatile, but you cant go wrong with a decent analog setup
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I'm really happy with my Rolland/Boss stuff but I want a guitar that'll sound good anywhere, and my Lâg (french make, sorta like an Ibanez) has such week pick-ups you can't even do semi-harmonics on it :p so I'm gonna stick some jackson humbuckers in that, and try to get another guitar.