what do you guys think are the best sounding riffs out there, every guitarist should have played in his life?
smoke on the water
Learn to swim....

Αλλη μια πέτρα που κυλά...

"]he's my "friend" he said he wanted me to see. It wasn't an accident...he wants to have sex
Master of Puppets First Riffs Are just amazing.

Walk & Iron man As well.
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i really like the riff from layla, also the ones in can't stop and sweet child o mine.
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The main riff off of Rush's "Working Man" I haven't been able to get out of my head for about a month now. Probably not the greatest ever, but very good.
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This was done half an hour ago.
It's also been done three times a week for the past two years.

Why do people keep making this thread? All that happens is that the same generic answers are posted over and over and over again.

(i.e., we've already got Sweet Child o' Mine, Iron Man, MoP, Layla, Smoke on the Water, etc)
...but nobody has mentioned Megadeth's New World Order yet, right? That song has a pretty killer riff, and I love it.
The best riffs ever are the riffs from "Gutter Ballet" by Savatage.
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