Hmm, i don't really know too much about the SG. any epiphone has a great value, but the epi lp is always nice.
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LP definately. if you are going for an Epi, make sure to get an Elitist series. I played someones Custom the other day and ewwwwww.........
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the SGs IMO dont look good. i like the Epi LP
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The LP looks nicer, but the SG is a better value as far as the tuners and pickups go. If i were you, id get the Epi LP and add gibson pups for an additional $220. pretty even, depends what music you like.
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It depends. If you want a considerably lighter guitar, go with the SG. The SG is also a slightly smaller scale, so if you have smaller hands it'll be a little easier to play. The SG also has double cutaways, so higher fret access is a bit easier. But a lot of people like the tone and sustain that comes from having a heavier hunk of wood, with the les paul. Also players with bigger hands appreciate wrapping their hand around the big neck on an LP. Which body style you prefer is also an important issue.

My advice is play both, and decide which one feels better to you.
Personally, I prefer the SG. My advice would be to play each one and decide for yourself which one you like better.
Les Paul definetly. But play both see which one feels better to you not to the people of UG. Everybodies different.
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SG has more playability and better access to 20th and on frets...
but i say Les Paul since it looks good...
and the standard models are almost $1000 difference. (gibson standard models that is...)
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